Back To School...At Home

Stay-At-Home measures are still at play for families all over the country. With this current way of life, our young ones are having to adjust to learning from home, on a screen, in an isolated environment away from classmates and friends. While it is a struggle to take precautionary measures against severe viral illnesses, families are making it work with multi-game tables and indoor sports.

Physical activity is important when adapting to a lifestyle of staying at home. With creative games and sports, recess can be a part of the home-schooling regimen. Table tennis and billiards are nice ways to step away from the math problems or history essays for a moment of mental processing and physical movement. Even a short game of darts between subjects can help refresh the young mind. 

Backspin Sports specializes in providing the equipment you need for your recreation or game space. Our Multi-Game Tables are a fan favorite; providing families, friends, and co-workers with a variety of options in one game table. Make recess part of the Stay-At-Home routine for a healthier and more balanced home environment.