Battling Cabin Fever During a Pandemic

A small vacation from work or school can be great when it is anticipated. During times of high uncertainty it can become a bit overwhelming. With social distancing and quarantines happening around the world due to COVID19, staying home has become the new normal; at least for the next foreseeable weeks.

Americans are staying home from school and work and the need for physical activity at home is increasing as we strive to lead active and healthy lives.

We are investing in necessary goods and services that help maintain balanced and healthy lifestyles while indoors. As important as it is to be prepared with the basic food, clean water, and supplies, positive interaction between household members is important as well. Stress can create unwanted tension and issues between people that otherwise would not be there, so it is crucial we remain stress free and positive. Exercise and laughter are the best strategies for healthy indoor environments and table tennis has become one of the ways families are staying active and positive during a time of separation and fear.

A healthy body and mind is the priority of many households. And physical activity through friendly family competition fits the bill. Whether it is repurposing the garage into the Table Tennis Studio or purchasing a table from the Killerspin MyT Outdoor Series for the backyard, the entire family can turn a stressful situation into a positive one.

Make great memories together now and make family time a regular event that aids in and beyond our healing.