Best Family Board Games in 2021

Have you been inside all the time with your family due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Board games are a great way to bond with each other and make it that much easier to deal with this worldwide tragedy. Here are the best family board games in 2021 according to Backspin Sports!


Chess is the best 2021 game for a family of two! It can help parents teach their child how to use their critical thinking skills in a fun bonding experience outside of school.

How to Play Chess

- Separate chess pieces by color (black and white)

- Place chess pieces on the correct spots on the board (separated by color)

Rooks (A1,H1) (A8,H8)

Knights (G1,B1) (G8,B8)

Bishops  (C1,F1) (C8,F8)

Queens: White(D1) Black (D8)

Kings: White (E1) Black (E8)

Pawns: White (A2 - H2) Black (A7 - H7) 

-  Familiarize yourself with how chess pieces move

Rooks (horizontally, vertically any number of squares)

Knights (two squares horizontally then vertically or vice versa; L-shape)

Bishops (diagonally any number of squares)

Queens: (diagonally, horizontally, vertically any number of squares)

Kings: (one square in any direction if a chess piece isn't trapped (can't move))

Pawns: (forwarded vertically one or two squares(if not moved yet)

Note: *Pawns can capture pieces vertically*

*Knights are the only chess pieces that can move over other pieces*

*Players can do a move called "Castling" with the king"

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Objective of Chess: Checkmate your opponent (trap your opponent's king in a way that they can't move it at all)

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Foosball is the best 2021 game for a family of 4! It can help parents play soccer with their children without having to go outside. The best way to play with a family of 4 is in a 2v2 setting.

How to Play Foosball (family of 4)

- Determine who's on each other's teams

- Stand on opposite sides of the foosball table based on your team

- Place ball in middle of field

- Each player hold two rods (one player playing defense and the other playing offense)

- Serve the ball through the "serving hole" in the middle of the table 

- Kick the ball until one team scores on the other's goal (Loser serves after goal)

- Repeat until a team scores 5 goals

*Don't move the foosball table and/or slam the rods against the walls of the table*

*No hands in the field unless there's a dead ball ( ball stops moving or can't be kicked by a player figure)


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