Best Family Games in July 2021

It's "Christmas in July" season and Backspin Sports has the best games for you and the your family! Keep reading to find out how what those games are and what we have in stock!

Billiards (Pool)

Billiards, or pool is 1 out of the 2 best games to play with family for the "Christmas in July" season! It can be played with a max of two people.


How to play Billiards:

- Gather two people (one being you), pool cues, chalk, billiard balls (striped and solid color), a triangular rack, and a pool table.
- Place all balls in triangular rack  except for the white ball aka cue ball
-  Place the triangular rack at one end of the pool table across from the cue ball
- Remove rack from the table and have one player proceed to break the triangular shape by hitting the cue ball into it using the tip of the cue.
*After the break, notice which balls (striper or solid color) goes into the the pocket holes. Depending on what ball goes in first (striped or solid), focus on getting those types of ball into the pool table pockets.
- If you end up getting your share of balls into the pockets before your opponent, the objective shifts to getting the black (8) ball into the pocket before your opponent can.
*Figure out what type of pool shoot are most effective in different scenarios to gain a competitive advantage*
Objective: Get every ball assigned to you (including the black (8) ball into the table pockets before your opponent.

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Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

Table tennis aka Ping Pong is a game that involves can be played with 2 (1v1) or 4 (2v2) people. It's the last (2 out of 2) best game to play with family for the "Christmas in July season.


How to play Table Tennis:


- Gather two or four players to play along with paddles and ping pong balls
- Stand at each end of the table 
- Decide who gets to serve first (flipping coins or drawing straws)
- Whoever wins at flipping coins or drawing straws, serves first.
- Toss the ball up with your free hand and hit it with the paddle that's in your other hand.
- Make sure the ball hits your side of the table once propelling it to your opponent's side.
- Your opponent should hit the ball propelling it back and forth across the table as soon as you hit it. 
- Players score by causing their opponent to hit the ball into the net or the ball not hitting the opponent's side.
*Players risk awarding their opponent a point by touching the ball with their hands or any other body part.
*The server switches after every two points (first player to 11 points wins)

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