Table Games inspire playtime for stress relief and healthy lifestyle

As we get older and more tied down by the demands of adulthood, we forget the importance of playtime; for example: a few minutes of table tennis (ping pong) or pool (billiards). There is a reason why "recess" is built into our school systems. Humans get bored. And with the offerings of today's technology-dominated entertainment industry, we are more drawn to lethargic behaviors. We watch TV or we watch our phones while we sit or lay down.

As time goes on, we realize the toll an inactive lifestyle takes on our bodies and eventually our health. Studies show that just 30 minutes of activity a day can lead to a longer, healthier life. 

More and more households are combating the stationary boredom by adding table games to their furniture collections. A game of table tennis (ping pong) or pool (billiards) can provide the activity needed to combat stress and weight gain.