How Playing Games At Work Can Increase Productivity

How Playing Games At Work Can Increase Productivity

At first glance, it stands to reason that eliminating distractions and having employees focus solely on their work will increase their productivity. But that is not always the case, and sometimes that type of workflow can be detrimental and can even lead to a decrease in efficiency. With the implementation of regular, short breaks, playing games at work can increase productivity.

Functions As a Stress Reliever

Work can very often be a source of immense stress in the lives of employees, whether it be difficult assignments with encroaching deadlines, problematic clients, or even issues with fellow coworkers.

How a Game Room Can Help

Establishing a dedicated game room and encouraging employees to take some time for themselves will mean a lowering of their stress levels and an increase in renewed focus. A 15-minute break can relieve hours of stress and can ensure an employee is ready to face hours more of possible stressful situations.

Games Double As Team-Building Exercises

Communication can be one of the biggest problems in the office. Miscommunicating information can slow down the process of work and can lead to mismanaged projects and unhappy clients. One cause of miscommunication can come from employees not being familiar or comfortable with one another, where they view their fellow coworkers as strangers and are hesitant or uncomfortable working alongside them.

Build the Bond Between Team Members

By having a place where employees can gather and having it be an environment that encourages gaming and socializing, it will eventually build trust between coworkers. Friendly competition from games can encourage further trust in workers, whether it’s a foldable table tennis table, billiards, or air hockey. Employees work better together when they’re surrounded by friends and not strangers.

The Benefits of The Pomodoro Technique

One of the biggest underlying reasons of how playing games at work can increase productivity is the principles of the Pomodoro technique. In essence, Pomodoro is the belief that frequent breaks dispersed throughout the workday better maintain a worker’s focus instead of burning them out by continuous work.

Know The Limits of Human Focus

People need breaks for them to be able to focus on their tasks properly. Burnout is always a risk when employees have no place to vent their stress while on the job. A game room can be that place where they feel comfortable, relaxed, and can recharge for the rest of the workday.