How To Improve Your Bar’s Sales

How To Improve Your Bar’s Sales

In 2020, restaurants and bars had to scramble to save their operations. Those that successfully implemented delivery and curbside pickup made it through lockdowns. Now that many cities and states are allowing bars to open and serve patrons on the premises (under controlled conditions), it’s time to rethink how to improve your bar’s sales.

Reassure Patrons

Any bar that is opening after a lockdown is doing so under strict regulations by local health authorities. Promote the safety precautions you are taking to keep patrons and staff members safe. These may include the use of masks and gloves, frequent sanitization of surfaces, plexiglass barriers between patrons and staff at the bar, touchless payments, and disposable or virtual menus.

Time-Tested Techniques

Whether you’re fully open or still limiting capacity and serving outdoors, upselling to premium liquor is a solid technique to boost your bar’s sales. Train staff to make suggestions when patrons are mulling over what cocktail to order by mentioning premium liquors. If a patron orders a drink without specifying a brand, staff can offer options by naming two premium brands of whatever spirit forms the base of the drink. Keep track of what’s selling and stock up on that. Refresh your menu with new items regularly to keep patrons interested.

Keep the Carryout

Pickup and delivery won’t go away when the pandemic subsides. Maintain a hybrid operation that can cater to both on-premises guests and patrons who prefer to consume your drinks at home. If your state and city permit, maintain a menu of craft cocktails using premium liquors for delivery, or create cocktail kits for sale that include ingredients and instructions on how to make your signature drinks at home. Feature local brews and sell them in growlers for delivery if local laws permit.

Host Virtual Events

If your bar remains under restrictions about allowing patrons to drink inside, you can still host virtual events. If your bar doesn’t already have a pool table, now is a good time to look for bar billiard tables for sale. Feature a pro or a talented bartender demonstrating trick shots in a live, online event. When restrictions ease, your bar will be known as the place to play pool. You can also host virtual tastings or happy hours—schedule the event and offer patrons time to order their bottles or by-the-glass drinks and get together on a Zoom call or another live platform to taste drinks and share opinions.

Emphasize Your Local Ties

Remember that taverns rely on their local communities. Highlight your involvement in the community, your support of local teams, and the fact that you serve locally brewed beer and spirits from local distilleries. When things are back in full swing, host theme nights, trivia contests, and competitions using your new bar billiards table to encourage your regulars to bring their friends for a night of fun.