Must-Have Games for Your Man Cave

Must-Have Games for Your Man Cave

If you’ve been eyeing the basement, the garage, or the shed as the home for your man cave, start measuring and talk to your partner. You may find they’ll be happy to have you carve out a space of your own, where you can go to get out of their hair for a few hours. Just be prepared to share with the family.

You all know the man cave basics: the wide-screen, the fridge, and the recliner. But you don’t want to spend all your time watching sports: you’ll want to get on your feet and play some games, too. Consider these must-have games for your man cave.


A dartboard sets the tone for the man cave as a place for friendly competition. It won’t take up floor space, and one group can play while others yak on the sectional or yell as they play a video game on the wide-screen. Just be careful where you place a dartboard: think about the flight path of the darts, and make sure your kids, partner, and friends won’t impale each other on the way to the bathroom.

Pool Table

A pool or billiards table adds a touch of class to the space. Go with the classic, full-sized table as the centerpiece of your man cave. If space is limited, or you’d like more options for games to share with your friends and family, consider a convertible table. These provide two or three games: pool, table tennis, and air hockey, in a space that will accommodate one table.

Poker Table

Bring the grown-up vibe of the casino home with a poker and blackjack table (all in fun and perfectly legal, of course). Add some comfortable seating and a hanging lamp, and deal.

A well-equipped man cave is great for a night with the guys, but will also offer family together-time. Backspin Sports can meet your game room equipment needs. We’ll help you select game tables that will fit your space and provide fun for your friends and family.