POD: The Dolphin-Inspired Cure to Coping

Playing Others Downtime or P. O. D is the key to helping your brain cope with the pressures of modern-day life, according to Dr. Shimi Kang, Harvard-trained Psychiatrist.

"…our brains need P. O. D…"

Stress is the number one health epidemic in the 21st Century, says the World Health Organization, and in the midst of pandemic recovery, stress has become even more of a concern.

Those of us who are go-getters tend to bury ourselves in the task at hand. Whether it be, home schooling the kids, a new project at the office, or remodeling the house. We focus so much on that feeling of "getting it done," that we forget to take breaks and enjoy the process.

It is easy to become stressed in these situations because we are not allowing our brains to receive what it needs: POD (Playing, Downtime, Others)

Dr. Kang explains this in her book, The Dolphin Way, a method inspired by the lifestyle of dolphins on how to live a more healthy and happy life. Playing and interaction with others gives us a chance to process information and boost healthy hormone circulation to battle stress.

"Play is when we become comfortable with uncertainty and let go of perfectionism."

The best remedy for stress is play with others and time away from the "work." We need time to be ourselves again; the version  ourselves that gained rejuvenation from recess as a child.

A quick table tennis game can do wonders for blood circulation and human interaction during planned play breaks. Others might appreciate a calm round of pool while attending a virtual or in person meeting at home or at the office. Getting back to the playing spirit is the key to coping with the pressures of today.