The Advantages of Owning a Billiards Table

The Advantages of Owning a Billiards Table

The centerpiece of any well-equipped residential recreation room is the billiards table, also known as the pool table. The advantages of owning a billiards table go beyond the fun of the game.

More Family Time

During the pandemic of 2020, many families rediscovered the pleasure of family game nights. A friendly game of pool gets family faces out of screens. Interacting more with each other, especially between parents and children, has demonstrated positive effects. The parent-child engagement and communication that happens as the family pursues a game of pool can improve academic performance in kids.

Players converse with each other while assessing each other’s shots and waiting their turn. Parents can learn more about their children’s friends, friends’ parents, and teachers through increased family interactions around the pool table. This builds family bonds and lays the groundwork for improved friendships among parents whose kids attend school together.

Increased Mental Acuity

Lining up a shot on a billiards table takes focus and concentration. Playing pool offers ample opportunity to problem solve, plan, and strategize. Pool requires top hand-eye coordination. Pool gives your mind a workout. While most people appreciate the fun of rec room equipment, more should appreciate the intellectual benefits, too.

Physical Fitness

Pool gets players up off the couch, on their feet, and walking around. It may not occur to you as you walk around the table that you’re getting some exercise, but you are. In addition, using your arms and shoulders, stretching to take a shot, and sometimes even balancing on one leg to get the right angle are all good for your physical fitness.

In an average game of pool, players may walk a quarter-mile around the table. Using legs, shoulders, and arms keeps the joints moving, which in turn stimulates the body to lubricate joints.

Anti-Aging Effects

A study conducted by the University of Copenhagen found that drinking a beer while playing pool with friends helped older men stay active, and helped them experience the benefits of social interaction.

As we age, exercise helps preserve mobility. Pool is a gentle game that grandparents can easily share. Encouraging older members of the family to be up on their feet, moving around the pool table may help them stay physically active for longer.


One of the benefits of owning a billiards table is that you can use it for more than billiards. Many pool tables convert into dining tables, table tennis tables, or game tables.

Patience and Sportsmanship

Sharing a game of pool with the family allows parents to model good behaviors. Pool requires patience, as each player waits their turn. It also requires good sportsmanship.

Showing appreciation for a great shot, even if it means you just lost the game, teaches children to be gracious in defeat. Congratulating all players on a great game shows that winners don’t gloat—they make everyone feel like winners.