The Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

The Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

You can play table tennis indoors or outside. Either way, you’ll experience the health benefits of playing table tennis while you’re having fun.

Table Tennis is Low Impact

Unlike many other forms of exercise, table tennis is easy on the knees (and the ankles). It doesn’t require a lot of high impact, jumping, or running, although professionally competitive table tennis requires amazing quickness and hustle. You can improve leg and arm strength and firm your core without doing damage to your joints.

Better Hand Eye Coordination and Faster Reflexes

Table tennis requires a lot of concentration. Players must keep their eyes on the ball and react quickly to shots coming across the net. Calculating spin, placement, and the speed of the ball improves problem solving and sharpens the mind. The game is fast, and as a result requires quick responses from both gross and fine muscles. The game helps develop “fast twitch” muscles that can react explosively and strongly when actions calls for quick movements.

Better Balance

Table tennis players must change direction quickly to respond to their opponent’s shots. This requires a great sense of balance. It doesn’t come right away, but with regular play, balance improves along with coordination.

It’s Good Exercise

The fast pace of table tennis provides an aerobic workout. A player’s heart rate rises with the rapid arm and leg movements. It’s estimated a person weighing 150 pounds can burn nearly 300 calories with an hour of play. That helps with weight loss.

Table Tennis Stimulates the Brain

Quick reactions require quick decisions. Table tennis stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for split-second decisions and short-term memory. The aerobic activity feeds extra oxygen to the brain, stimulating the hippocampus, the part of the brain that forms and stores longer term memories. Some evidence suggests the brain stimulation from table tennis can ward off symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

You can reap the benefits of table tennis even if you don’t have a lot of space. Choose a foldable table tennis table you can put away when you’re not playing, or a table top converter table to turn an ordinary kitchen or dining table into a game surface.