Tips for Buying a Billiard Table

Tips for Buying a Billiard Table

When you’re deciding your home or business can be improved by a billiard table, you must consider a number of factors before you make a purchase. You need to keep in mind what you’re looking for, whether it’s high quality or something more affordable. Think about some of the tips for buying a billiard table to help narrow down what best fits your style.

The Slate

You need to know what you’re going to be playing on. There are a number of different materials for the slate and they can affect how you play. Traditionally, the slate of the table is made out of just that: slate. But, in modern times, there are synthetic alternatives with their own pros and cons. Some of these alternatives are:

  • Particle Board—Tables made out of this type of material are inexpensive and offer the most accessibility to consumers. But because of its lower quality material, it will eventually warp when exposed to condensation and changes in temperature. It can be a fine starting point isn’t meant for long-term use.
  • Honeycomb—Compressed by layers of hardened plastic, these slates are more durable than their particleboard counterparts. Because of this material, the playing surface is rougher than other surfaces. It’s also considerably lighter weight compared to others, which is both positive for affordability and installation, but a negative in terms of table stability.
  • Slatron—Constructed out of particle board coated in hardened plastic, this is considered the best option for synthetic tabletops. It gives you a smoother surface to play on, but with greater longevity. The only table considered better is one made out of slate itself.

The Cloth

Typically, modern billiard tablecloth is made out of a blend of wool and nylon coated with Teflon. The durability of the cloth is determined by measuring the ounce weight per yard. If that weight per yard is 18 and 22, then it’s expected to last a long time.

Faster and More Accurate Cloth

Some players are more concerned with a cloth with the right amount of traction. Worsted cloth made from wool aids a player’s accuracy and increases the speed at which the billiard balls travel.

Your Space Available

Whether for the home or at work, if you’re looking for bar billiard tables for sale, then you need to consider what best fits the environment. If it’s for the home or an office breakroom, then you probably don’t want to break the bank with the most expensive option. But if it’s for a bar or intended for serious and professional use, it must stand the test of time. When buying a billiard table, consider your needs and don’t spend more than you have to or cut corners to save a buck. No one wants a shoddy billiard table, after all.