Tips for Choosing a Table Tennis Table

Tips for Choosing a Table Tennis Table

Whether in the basement rec room or the backyard, a table tennis table can provide hours of friendly competition and fun. If you’ve never purchased one before, here are some tips for choosing a table tennis table.

Think About How You’ll Use Your Table Tennis Table

When the whole family is cooped up at home and hovering over their laptops for school or work, your new table tennis table might get quite the workout. But what happens when things ease up, and it’s time to go back to the office and school? Think about whether your table will have a permanent place in the rec room or if you’ll need to stow it away when your family is not using it. That will help you decide if you need a table that folds up and rolls away on wheels, or if you can have a table with a standing base and no wheels. Some other tables even come in two pieces that you must align.

Consider How Much Space You Have

A standard competition table tennis table is 5 feet wide, 9 feet long, and 30 inches high. While community rec centers and church basements usually have enough space for this type of rec room equipment, your home may not. Luckily, smaller, less expensive table-top converter tables that take up less space are available for home use. These can rest atop dining or pool tables and work fine for casual, recreational play.

One-piece tables, usually called butterfly tables, are made to fold in the middle and roll away. A single player can practice on this type of table by opening one side and using the other as a backboard. Other tables come in two pieces and may be easier to store. A two-piece table can be difficult to set up and align properly, so it takes a bit of practice to get it right.

Outside, Inside, or Both?

Some table tennis tables are made especially for outdoor use. Their surfaces are different and are designed to withstand weather. Indoor tables can warp if you leave them out in the sun or extreme temperatures. It’s possible to set up an indoor table outside, but you’ll have to bring it back in as soon as you finish playing, and you’ll need to store it in a room that’s set at a comfortable temperature.

Thickness and Net

The thicker the tabletop, the more bounce it will produce. Table tennis tables come in various thicknesses, from 12 to 25 millimeters. Recreational players can do fine with thinner tabletops, as thicker tables tend to be more expensive. Some tables come with a net, while others require you to buy the net separately. Nets might be permanently attached, or they could be on a clamp or spring-loaded system.

We hope these tips for choosing a table tennis table have been helpful to you. Here at Backspin Sports, we’re known for our customer service. We’ll be happy to help you choose a table that works best for your family or your workplace.